7 Piece The Sailor and the Mermaid

Matryoshkas and More


Height of tallest matryoshka: 17cm


About the Artist:

Nested Doll Set by Romanova
Romanova studied in Abramtsevo Art School in Khotkovo, Moscow region. This college gave birth to a number of well known matryoshka artists. She now lives and works in Moscow. In her works, she usually tries to reflect the trends of spiritual and cultural traditions of Russia, including her personal attitude to it. Each time she tries to bring something new to each matryoshka, which makes it very original and unique. In this charming varicolored 7 piece set of dolls, she shows in her very expressive and energetic manner her family: herself with her children and husband being a part of this matryoshka world. It reflects her features as the author as well. For example, the doll is decorated with stories that she tells to her family. The talent and the imagination of the artist Romanova impresses most collectors.