7 Piece Blessing of the Children

Matryoshkas and More


Height of tallest Matryoshka: 20cm

This is an amazing set created by one of the foremost matyroshka artists of our time.  Brilliant detailing, gold filigree work and flawless varnishing.  Signed by the artists Olga Kiselyova. 

This is the biography I was sent regarding this artist. 

Olga Kiselyova

She was born in Sergiev Posad. Her father was a well known book
illustrator, and mother is an art expert, but Olga chose a different way of life.

She left the Moscow region and now lives with her husband in a quiet village near Novgorod the Great.

They are very religious family.  Her husband also helps in church services,
probably he is going to be an Orthodox  priest in the future. They both continue
to create. He paints icons and she makes cloth dolls, graphics and spends a
lot of time with their six children. 

 Olga Kiselyova's works are wonderful, and really she is very
religious. She is always happy and smiling, always feeling hopeful, as a real
Christian. Her dolls have a special shine. And, she puts a lot of labour into
her art - she was the most diligent pupil in our group and always tried to
learn all new things she found in art. Her life could be compared with a
novel in what is not easy to believe if you read it...
On her sets always written kind of sayings that are slightly naive... the sense is
something like "let's hope and everything will be great", or something like
"blessing for children..."